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About Merriott

Merriott is the better choice for bespoke heating solutions for commercial applications across the UK and Ireland. We pride ourselves on offering the greatest flexibility of specification, with a portfolio of premium quality designer steel radiators and radiant panels which are custom-made to fit the requirements of the individual projects.

We are proud to make the best-performing radiators in the market. All our panel radiators are produced at our factory in Gateshead, which sets the industry standard for engineering, quality and innovation.

What does Merriott stand for?

Manufactured in Britain
Merriott Radiators Factory
Merriott Radiators Factory

Technical Expertise

The Merriott engineering team is comprised of the best technical specialists in the industry. We strive to push the boundaries of performance and innovation; producing commercial heating solutions that are not only tailor-made, but offer better design, better efficiency and better results.

Exceptional standards

Above all, Merriott stands for quality. Our UK-based production facility is one of the most modern and efficient in Europe. It’s all part of our commitment to manufacturing products of the very highest standards – backed by revolutionary technology, rigorous testing and stringent quality control.

Powerful performance

Choosing Merriott means choosing unbeatable long-term performance. Boasting world-class heating technology, every single product that leaves our factory is built to meet customers’ exact specifications, with high outputs and a robust warranty.

A lower impact

From our panel and column radiators, right through to our SMART radiant panels, Merriott products are engineered to deliver unrivalled efficiency. Sustainability is also an integral part of our operations – whether it’s taking steps to cut our consumption, or recycling waste generated during production.

Putting customers first

Underpinning everything we do is our relationship with our customers. With an expert team, a varied range and fast delivery times, we want to ensure that whatever the project, we're always extraordinarily easy to do business with. That means offering best-in-class service from initial specification to delivery.

Merriott Radiators Factory
Merriott Radiators Factory
Merriott Radiators Factory