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The Merriott Centre Tap range is available in both Primo Plus & Fascia styles and offers an easy to install, aesthetically pleasing 6 connection option, with 4 connections at the corners and 2 central taps at the bottom. Designed with installers in mind, the innovative central connection allows for any size radiator to be installed once the pipe has been placed. This central connection technology aids even heat up of the radiator and effective water distribution. The Centre Tap features a pre-set valve, which is factory fitted and pre-installed for correct flow rates and a pre-fitted vent plug – both of which can be reinstalled on the opposite side of the radiator if required.

Available in both pressed steel panel (Primo Plus) & flat front (Fascia) options both with factory fitted side grille, the Centre Tap’s smooth and sleek design can fit into any commercial environment with simple installation and minimal maintenance.

With three types options (single and double panel and fin configurations) and four heights, the Centre Tap offers flexibility through a wide range of size options and is finished in clean white RAL 9016.



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Installation Instructions




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Currently, there is no BIM available for this radiator.